Year: 2019

Projects: Toms | MARVEL Kid's SS20 Collection

Client: Toms

Category: Design

My Role: This collaboration is Toms largest footwear units ever sold to date. The assortment spans approximately 23 SKUs across all categories, with my main assignment as the kid’s collection leader. While working with MARVEL’s creative department, we selected 4 hallmark characters to design upon then I adopted the Ultimate and kawaii art style guide. Although a MARVEL fan myself, further character and footwear research was collected to properly reference each superhero’s details to implement into the shoes.


Real Name: Peter Parker

Powers: Peter gained powers from a radioactive spider. Spider-man can cling to most surfaces and has superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes. His "spider-sense" warns him of danger. Wrist web-shooters spray strong web lines that allow him to swing high above New York City.

Toms_Wiley (Early Walker Kids Shoe)

Toms_Pinto (Crib Mock Baby Shoe)


Real Name: Steve Rogers

Powers: Captain America has enhanced strength, speed, endurance, agility, and regenerative capacity. A tactical and strategic genius, he has mastered numerous fighting forms and weapons. His costume is bulletproof Kevlar, and he carries a metallic round, bulletproof shield made of Adamantium.

Toms_Wiley (Early Walker Kids Shoe)

Toms_Pinto (Crib Mock Baby Shoe)


Real Name: Robert Bruce Banner

Powers: Fueled by gamma radiation, the Hulk possesses almost unlimited physical strength. The madder he gets, the stronger he gets. He can leap several miles in a single bound. His body heals almost instantly, He possesses a strong homing instinct for the desert where he was "born".

Toms_Wiley (Early Walker Kids Shoe)


Real Name: Miles Morales

Powers: Miles is bitten by a genetically altered spider that grants him incredible arachnid-like powers. His abilities include superhuman strength, speed, agility, a "spider-sense", ability to cling to solid surfaces, and wrist web-shooters. Most notable is his camouflage (invisibility) and bio-electric energy threads produced from his fingers.

Toms_Carlito (Youth Shoe 5-12 Years Old)

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