Year: 2016

Projects: Hydroplane Racing Merchandise

Client: Homestreet Bank

Category: Design, Project Management

My Role: As project manager and designer for this project, I cocreated and sourced all the 2016 Homestreet Bank x Miss Madison H1 Hydroplane Racing Team promotional merchandise and team uniforms. The items included everything from dome tents, diecast hydroplane toys, inflatable toys, pins and team memorabilia, flash drives, apparel and hats, and the designed the official racing team uniforms and driver's racing suit. All of the team's product appeared during the 2016 H1 Unlimited racing series and notably Seattle Seafair.

Visual Branding


Event Marketing Tent

DSC_0004 copy.jpg
Tent Design (DA update 1)-01.png

Soft Goods Merchandise

Homestreet_hydro merch 2016 [Rev B2] (dr
Homestreet_hydro merch 2016 [Rev B2] (dr

Hydroplane Merchandise

diecut for artwork (DA update 4)-01.png

Hydroplane Racing Suit

The Hydroplane racing suit was derived by considering the color palette, racing suit regulations, and silhouettes details including the shapes of the cuts and panels. Most important are the driver's safety and optimum performance output.

hydroplane_suit 2-05.png
hydroplane_helmet 2-07.png
hydroplane_suit SPECS-06A.jpg